Our Storybook

Meet Naishitha

Meet Naishitha, our 7-year-old dynamo with a heart full of creativity and a magical touch! She dreamed up the idea of turning kids' awesome drawings into super cool clothes – a chance for every little artist to wear their imagination and flaunt their unique style. Naishitha is all about spreading the joy of art and making sure every kiddo feels like a fashion superstar!

About BNaish

Welcome to BNaish, the land where clothes are like magic spells, turning every outfit into a story waiting to be told!
We're not just a brand; we're your child's partner-in-fun, making each day a new adventure filled with colors, giggles, and a sprinkle of fairy dust!


Our mission? To be the cozy cocoon for your little butterfly's dreams! We're on a mission to transform sketches into cuddles, unleashing the power of creativity one stitch at a time. Because at BNaish, every kiddo is a designer-in-the-making, and we're here to make their dreams twirl and swirl into reality! 


Our vision is to wrap the globe in a warm, fuzzy blanket of childhood joy, where each child feels like the king or queen of their magical fashion kingdom. Because at BNaish, the future is as bright and colorful as our little fashionistas' smiles!

The BNaish Magic Express!

  • 01. Draw Your Awesome Ideas:

    Grab your crayons and sketch your coolest designs – maybe a rocket ship or a dancing panda. Let your imagination go wild!

  • 02. Send Us Your Masterpiece:

    Snap a pic of your drawing and send it over to BNaish. We can't wait to see your incredible creation!

  • 03. We Amp It Up with Magic:

    Our wizards (well, designers) add a sprinkle of magic to your drawing, making it even more fantastic. Get ready for the wow factor!

  • 04. Happy Mail Day:

    Drumroll, please! Your custom-designed clothes are on their way. Get ready to rock your unique style and share them with your friends!

  • 05. Print Time - Yay! :

    Your masterpiece is ready to hit the big leagues. We print it out on super comfy clothes, and guess what? They're just for you!

Dream Threads

Burst into color-filled adventures at BNaish! Every outfit, a tale spun for your tiny star.

Joyful Styles

BNaish, where your fashion dreams come alive in laughter and hues. It's a coloring book of coolness!

Kid-Crafted Magic

BNaish turns daydreams into dress-up wonders! Each piece is a hip masterpiece, just as one-of-a-kind as you.

Smiles in Stitches

BNaish, where laughter is woven into every stitch. Because looking cool is a kiddo's signature move!